New Epiphone ES-345

New Epiphone ES-345

New Epiphone ES-345 Limited Edition Semi Acoustic Guitar Announced - featuring a 'Stereo' output and a Bigsby tremolo.

New Epiphone ES-345 Limited Edition

The Epiphone Limited Edition ES-345 semi acoustic guitar features a Maple body with a Mahogany neck, the Vartione six way rotary switch delivering great tonal options and Bigsby tremolo.

Not only does the Epiphone 345 deliver an abudance of tonal options but it gets better with the addition of the Stereo output - allowing you to split the output of the pickups to two seperate amps. Along with the the sound the ES-345 looks the part too with gold hardware, split inlays, and thet Bigsby tremolo. All this adds up to a guitar that delivers a hell of a lot guitar for the money...and being a limited edition you'll also won't see many around.


The Epiphone ES345 comes in 3 colour options, they are due to arrive later in the year but if you don't want to miss out pre order now:


Epiphone ES-345 in Alpine White

Epiphone ES-345 in Cherry

Epiphone ES-345 in Ebony





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26th July 2011


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