NEW Epiphone Nighthawk Custom

NEW Epiphone Nighthawk Custom

Epiphone have just announced the NEW Nighthawk Custom - featuring a massive range of tones on hand and a flamed maple top these are sure to be a hit. You can pre-order now.

Just announced - Epiphone Nighthawk Custom

........the return of a NEW Classic!


When a new guitar design is introduced, history says that guitarists don't immediately accept it. Such was the case with many, now iconic guitars including the Flying-V, Explorer and even the Les Paul. But ultimately, if the design is a great one it will stand the test of time and eventually, find it's place into the guitarist's arsenal of "go to" axes.

When the Nighthawk was first introduced in 1993, it represented a departure from Gibson "tradition" with it's 25.5" scale length and it's versatile combination of coil-tappable humbucking and single pickups. Now, 18 years later, guitarists who originally dismissed the Nighthawk as too "different" now recognize what a great guitar it really was and is!


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11th January 2011


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