New Fender American Special Guitars

New Fender American Special Guitars

Fender have released some new colour options in the popular American Special range of guitars.

Fender have released a range of new colour options across their popular American Special guitars.

The Fender American Special range of guitars deliver timeless looks, world-renowned tones and US build at an affordable price - allowing players of all levels to get their hands on a genuine American made Fender.

Within the American Special series there are two Strat variations - regular 3 single coil or HSS - and a Telecaster, with two colour options in each model.

The Strats and Teles comes loaded with Texas Special pickups with the 'Greasebucket' tone circuit is fitted as standard - this ensures that when you roll of highs no extra bass is added, maintaining tonal consistency.

For anyone looking for an American made Fender but can't reach to the American Standard the American Special is an excellent choice.

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08th September 2015


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