New for 2017 - VOX MV50 Amplifiers

New for 2017 - VOX MV50 Amplifiers

Just announced at The NAMM Show 2017 we take a look at the key specs of this exciting new range and why they are causing a stir in the world of gear.

So a new year as always means new gear and VOX have decided to kick off 2017 with a new range of compact, portable, affordable amps. There are three new models going by the name of "MV50" and they are all designed with a differrent, unique voicing in mind consisting of an AC, ROCK and CLEAN. 

The first of this all new trio from VOX is the MV50 CLEAN. This is for those guitarists who are looking for a natural, clean sound with plenty of headroom.

The second amplifier in the MV50 line up is the AC model. This is unsurprisingly designed to emulate the classic VOX AC30 tonal character and will suit those who what that crunchy, chiming response that put VOX on the map back in the 60s.

The last MV50 is the ROCK version. This is a feisty little amp that is designed to offer those aggressive, high gain tones favoured by mostly Rock or Metal players. 

Aesthetically VOX have gone for a sleek modern design with a chrome chassis but with those touches of retro style such as the VU meter and traditional control knobs. What these knobs control depends on the model as the AC and Rock versions feature a treble, bass and volume while with the clean model they become treble, bass and volume. 

Hidden round the back of these small heads is a handy EQ switch that has been included to give guitarists control over how much low-end they want to add or cut. This is a great feature when your are pairing these amps with different cabinets. You will also even find a line/headphone out with cab emulation! 

The key selling point of these pocket rocket MV50s is what lurks beneath that shiny chrome shell. VOX have implemented their impressive new smaller Nutube vacum tube technology. The Nutube concept is an analogue preamp circuit that preserves the richness and warmth of your guitar’s natural sound, while a clever Class D power amp can deliver plenty of volume for any environment. This essentially means you can now go head to head with your favourite tube amps without breaking the bank!

This all new trio of heads are avalible both on their own or with a perfectly matched BC108 VOX Speaker Cabinet. Also lightweight and highly portable, this cab will compliment those lower frequencies for that rich, full guitar tone at any volume. Thanks to its front mounted 8” speaker this cab will provide a great spread of sound while remaining perfect for bedroom jams.

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17th January 2017
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