New Ibanez for 2012

New Ibanez for 2012

Ibanez have released some great new models for 2012. From the now legendary RG Series through to the S Series, some great new Jazz Boxes and new signature models.

Ibanez have released some great new models for 2012 with a host of new guitars across most Series' including a few signature models.

With it being the 25th anniversary of the RG model, Ibanez have added some great new lines to this series including the Premium Series RG821 and the RG470MHZ with it's Mahogany natural finish. At the cheaper end, the GRG140 guitars offer superb value for those wanting a piece of the Ibanez pie at an affordable price.

The RGD models, with their extended scales (great for the heavy, downtuners) have had the RGD421 and RGD420Z introduced delivering excellent value whilst a 7 string in the form of the RGD7421 will really be hitting those thunderous lows (who needs a bass player!).

If a single cut style is your thing then the new ART200FM models deliver a stunning flamed Maple top with open pole passive humbuckers, whilst the slight cheaper ART100DX models deliver much of the same in terms of styling and tone minus the flamed top.

Sticking with the single cut but offering a modern take, the ARZ models bring the classic design into the hands of the heavier player. The ARZ300 models deliver massive tone thanks to their active pickups whilst the ARZ307 adds a 7 string neck to the equation.

A couple of  guitars in the S Series have been launched, both of which are from the Premium Series - the S970CW (we love the beautiful natural finish on this one!) and the S920E. For the similar SA Series, then Ibanez haven't disappointed here with 2 colours in the SA160FM (and a lefty too) and the quilted topped SA360QM.

As for signature models then there is the new Steve Vai JEM70V in a rather fetching Sea Foam Green finish, a Paul Gilbert FRM100 Fireman in Trans Red and a couple of new Mick Thomson's in the form of the MTM10 and MTM100.

And finally, for those who think that Ibanez only do rock, then remember they do a number of very popular Semi Acoustics, this year they have added to the range with the Artcore Jazz series. Here we have 3 classic 'jazz boxes' all delivering warm, authentic jazz tones, welcome to the AFJ81, AFJ85 and the AKJ85.


The full range of new Ibanez models for 2012 can be found HERE.


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29th February 2012


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