NEW Joe Satriani amPlug

NEW Joe Satriani amPlug

Plug In and Rock Out with the NEW Joe Satriani amPlug headphone amp.


NEW Joe Satriani amPlug announced


The Vox amPlugs have been massively popular and now Vox have just announced the Joe Satriani amPlug...delivering a Distortion tone inspired by the Satchurator and an analog-style delay with Joe’s filter & EQ, inherited from the Time Machine.


With its bright red body, the "amPlug Joe Satriani” delivers the awesome sound of Joe Satriani’s custom rig – distortion pedal through a high-gain vacuum tube amplifier, followed by a delay – and reproduces the settings created by Joe himself. Inspired by the distortion circuitry of the VOX/Joe Satriani Satchurator pedal, the amPlug Joe Satriani preserves much of the “pick attack” to create an articulate, playable distortion.


Vox Joe Satriani amPlug



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02nd September 2010


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