New Mackie SRM450 and SRM350 Speakers

New Mackie SRM450 and SRM350 Speakers

Mackie have just announced updated versions to their ever popular SRM450 and SRM350 powered PA Speakers. Now with 1000w power amp platform, improved sound and new audio tools.

Instantly recognisable and hugely popular, the Mackie SRM range of powered PA speakers can be seen and heard everywhere. Mackie have now updated the range to deliver more output, better sound and new features:

Mackie SRM450 12" Powered PA Speaker

Mackie SRM350 10" Powered PA Speaker

These updated models still deliver ease-of-use and rugged portability like their predecessors, but now produce even more output, with their 1000w power amp platform, an improved sound thanks to the Mackie HD Audio Processing and two new, handy audio tools.

You now have a new four speaker mode options (accessible via a button) that'll deliver application specific voicings - PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist, plus a built-in intelligent feedback destroyer, instantly identifing and eliminating feedback.

With these new upgrades the Mackie SRM450 and SRM350 speakers deliver even more, confirming their status as one of the best options out there.


By Rob Evans

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13th March 2014


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