NEW Marshall MA Series

NEW Marshall MA Series

Checkout the new all valve Marshall MA Series - MA100H and MA50H heads and the MA100C and MA50C combos. Valve tone at an affordable price.

Checkout the new all valve Marshall MA Series. Valve tone at an affordable price.



Marshall invites you to experience valve tone for yourself with the most accessible range of valve-driven guitar amplifiers ever - introducing the all-new, all-valve MA Series.

The MA has been carefully designed by our Research & Development team using the same basic principles as for all Marshall amps; to create an amplifier that delivers something new and exciting for everyone. By keeping the amplifier simple the MA is able to deliver the benefits of all-valve tone and colour, while maintaining an attractive price tag. What is more, like every Marshall, it is built to survive ‘the road’. So as well as making it the perfect choice for everyone’s first all-valve amplifier, the MA range is the perfect choice for people who want to take their sound on tour. The MA range offers a valve amp from Marshall that is more accessible than ever before.


The MA Series features:

Two heads - MA100H and MA50H

Two 4x12" cabinets - MA412A and MA412B

Two combos - MA100C and MA50C  


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05th October 2009


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