New Roland JC-22 and BOSS AD-2 and CP1-X

New Roland JC-22 and BOSS AD-2 and CP1-X

Roland and BOSS have just launched some exciting products for the guitarists. A new compact Jazz Chorus amp - the JC-22, a studio-grade compressor - the BOSS CP1-X and an acoustic preamp - the BOSS AD-2.

Roland and BOSS have really been busy this year with exciting new releases and it doesn't appear to be ending! So, we welcome the Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus, BOSS CP1-X Compressor and the BOSS AD-2 Acoustic Preamp.

The Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus is based on the legendary JC-120 Jazz Chorus (as is the JC-40 Jazz Chorus). With this in mind, the JC-22 delivers those classic clean tones, lush chorus and a wonderful blank canvas for those who want to put pedals in the front end (there is plenty of headroom here!). With that classic Jazz Chorus tone and design all squeezed into a lovely compact, affordable solution, the JC-22 is a sure fire winner!

For those in the know, a compressor can be a key component in the pursuit of the dream tone! The BOSS CS-3 pedal has long been a very popular compressor but with the introduction of the BOSS CP1-X you are treated to a wonderful studio grade, multi-band compressor. Thanks to its unique circuitry, the CP1-X will adapt to every register and nuance of your playing, providing natural compression and clarity. In addition a handy Gain Reduction LED indicator allows you to visually see how much reduction is taking place.

Finally we have the BOSS AD-2 Acoustic Preamp pedal. The AD-2 will give you instant control over your amplified acoustic sound with the addition of Reverb (Ambience), a Notch Filter - to remove unwanted feedback and the Acoustic Resonance control that'll allow you to quickly set a pleasing sweet spot, whatever size acoustic you are using.

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31st October 2016


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