New Squier Contemporary Series Models

New Squier Contemporary Series Models

Squier have added to their Contemporary Series with new Jazzmasters and Jazz Bass guitars!

The Squier Contemporary Series hit the ground running upon its release with a selection of Strats and Teles designed for the modern day guitarist. Now, Squier have added Jazzmaster and Jazz Bass models to the range, improving the guitar options available and giving bass players a chance to get in on the action!

The Squier Contemporary Series Active Jazzmaster HH model comes in two colour options, Surf Pearl and the stealthy Graphite Metallic. Both guitars come fiited with an active 9v circuit and a pair of Squier SQR ceramic humbuckers, allowing for powerful rock tones a plenty. The Jazzmaster has always been a rule breaker, and this incarnation pushes the boundaries even further!

New Squier Contemporary Series Models

Bass players will be pleased to know that Squier have added 5 basses to the Contemporary Series mix. The Contemporary Series Jazz Bass comes in two colours (Metallic Red and Ocean Blue Metallic) and feature matching headcaps, a modern 12" fingerboard radius and a pair of pokey ceramic single coil pickups. The Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH model comes in Flat Black and Flat White and hosts an active 2-band EQ (Bass and Treble), a pair of SQR Ceramic humbuckers and again matching headcaps and the flat, modern 12" radius fingerboard. For those 5-string lovers, the Contemporary Active Jazz HH 5-String Bass is gonna be for you.

With these additions, the Squier Contemporary Series is going from strength to strength, delivering a range of models that'll appeal to the demanding, modern day guitarists and bassists. 

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29th June 2018
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