NEW Vox Lil' Night Train and VT110 Cab

NEW Vox Lil' Night Train and VT110 Cab

The Vox Night Train was a big Vox have announced it's younger brother the Vox Lil' Night Train andthe matching VOX VT110 Cab.

NEW Vox Lil' Night Train and Vox VT110 Cab

The Vox Lil' Night Train delivers authentic all tube tone in under 3 kilos...and with the matching Vox VT110 Cab you have the perfect set!

The VOX Night Train earned wide popularity among professionals and amateurs alike for its distinctive mirror finish and diverse tonal range. Now, VOX amplifiers uphold that tradition with the surprisingly compact Lil’ Night Train. Light enough to take anywhere, the Lil’ Night Train lets enjoy the traditional yet individualistic VOX aura in any musical situation, without ever leaving your signature tone behind! Rehearsing, recording, on the gig, or practicing quietly at home, the all-tube design offers a diverse range of authentic, all-tube VOX sounds. The exterior features a durable mirror-finished chassis, cut in the familiar VOX diamond pattern. Matched with the dedicated V110NT speaker cabinet, the Lil’ Night Train Set forms a formidable rig!


Vox Lil' Night Train Head and Vox VT110 Cab Set

Vox Lil' Night Train Head

Vox VT110 Cabinet



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02nd September 2010


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