New Yamaha TransAcoustic Electro-Acoustic Guitars

New Yamaha TransAcoustic Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Hot off the press from industry giants Yamaha! These new electro-acoustics have some real ground breaking tricks up their sleeve.

With the new TransAcoustic Series Yamaha have taken the concept of a traditional acoustic guitar and pushed it a step further. Thanks to their many decades of guitar manufacturing they certainly know a thing or two about what influences the way they sound. Whether your an absolute novice or touring pro you may have noticed how differently your guitar reacts in certain spaces or rooms, and this is exactly what Yamaha have taken into consideration with these new TransAcoustic models.

Made up of two models the LL-TA and LS-TA, both available in Vintage Tint or Brown Sunburst, this range actually features a revolutionary built in reverb and chorus system! Controlled by their actuator technology these guitars capture the experience of playing in a rich, live room without needing any external amplification or effects. All you need is your TransAcoustic!

This guitar will simply excel, whether you are practising, writing, recording or just playing for fun, this acoustic will keep you hooked. Once you have experienced the lush spacious hall-like echo you are certain to play better, longer and with more creativity! The onboard effects really enhance the expression in your playing and give you a real polished pro sound for those small live venues.  

Three simple knobs let you adjust the degree of effect applied and the lineout volume level. Additionally, keeping the controls small minimises the area of the holes in the body material, reducing acoustic sound loss. 

The secret to the magic is Yamaha's actuator. This is actually installed found on the inner surface of the guitar back and it essentially vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings when you play. The vibrations that the actuator give off are then transferred to the body of the guitar as well as the air inside and around the body, generating authentic reverberations and modulated chorus sounds from inside the body.

Alongside this innovative tech you also get Yamaha’s very own System 70 Transacoustic preamp that provides you with the faciliies to to plug your guitar into an amplifier or PA like a traditional electro-acoustic. 

At it's core it is important to remember that these instruments are members of Yamaha's premium L series guitars meaning in terms of construction you are getting a guitar that has gone through only their finest built techniques and materials.

These acoustics are made from a solid engelmann spruce top for those louder overtones and a broader dynamic range. This top wood is lightweight and tough which gives it a crisp sound that is more powerful and direct. With the back and side panels you have a rosewood construction for that smoother, warm character. Crutially all TransAcoustics are treated with Yamaha's special original wood reforming acoustic resonance enhancement which ages the wood by cooking it and provides it with a rich, vintage like tone. 


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14th September 2016


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