Roland Aira

Roland Aira

The new range of Roland Aira products deliver classic 'reproductions' of some classic hardware - TR-808, TR-909 and the TB-303. This is a big release for Roland...very exciting!

Roland Aira is a new series of products that takes 'inspiration' from some classic pieces of hardware, with a clear nod to the past but with obvious modern day tweaks these products are sure to be a hit!


Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Machine

Roland Aira TB-3 Touch Bassline Synth

Roland Aira SYSTEM-1 Synth with Plug-Out

Roland Aira VT-3 Vocal Transformer


For anyone that has ever heard any form of electronic music (there can't be many that haven't), you would have already heard a TR808 or TR909 rhythm machine. Well, the Roland Aira TR-8 is a modern take on these classic pieces of hardware, delivering those classic electronic drum sounds and intuitive work flow in one very cool piece of equipment. Bear in mind original TR808/TR909s fetch £1000s in the second hand market, it makes the TR-8 price point very reasonable.

The TB-3 is based on the legendary TB-303 bass synth, again an instrument heard on many a record. Roland have taken taken the classic sound, put it into a new design and loaded it with a tactile touch screen.

The Aira SYSTEM-1 synth is based on classic 70s era Roland synths, delivering a vast array of synth sounds, a multitude of knobs and sliders plus the new Plug-out technology. Plug-out allows you to load additional sounds (classic Roland synths) into the SYSTEM-1.

Last up is one for the vocalists. The Roland Aira VT-3 is an easy to use vocal transformer that allows you to easily transform your voice with vocoder, lo-fi effects and even singable synths!


By Rob Evans

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18th February 2014


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