Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amps

Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amps

Roland have expanded their range of Blues Cubes with the addition of the compact Blue Cube Hot. A 30w, portable amp, loaded with a 12" speaker and full of tube tone goodness!

Designed to give players the tone of a classic valve amp but with modern reliability and portability, the Roland Blues Cube amps are an excellent choice of amp for players across various genres.

Now, the range has been expanded, with the addition of the Roland Blues Cube Hot. A compact, portable 30w solid-state amp that delivers genuine valve tone goodness courtesy of Roland Tube Logic technology.

The single channel Blues Cube Hot will take you from clean, natural tube fullness, to crunch, to grit aggressiveness. 

Delivering a pokey 30w output, the Blues Cube Hot adds versatility with the Power Control selector. This allows the amp to produce various volume outputs - 0.5w, 5w, 15w and 30w, crucial in allowing you access to a range of valve tones whatever the environment. 

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29th January 2016


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