Roland Boutique - TR-09, TB-03 and VP-03

Roland Boutique - TR-09, TB-03 and VP-03

Roland have expanded their Boutique range with the launch of the TR-09 Rhythm Composer, Roland TB-03 Bass Line and the VP-03 Vocoder.

Roland originally launched their Boutique range with a 3 limited edition synths. They have now taken the series into new (or do I mean old) territory with the Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer, TB-03 Bass Line and VP-03 Vocoder.

For those in the know, the names of these 3 new Roland Boutique additions may instantly tell you where their inspiration lay....

Ok, let's start with the Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer ...and yes you're right, it takes it cues from the legendary TR-909, the iconic drum machine that has been heard on hundreds of tracks since its original incarnation in the 80s. From Daft Punk to Phil Collins to Radiohead to untold amounts of house and techno producers, the sounds of the 909 are a true piece of musical history. Second hand prices for original TR-909 are understandably through the roof, but the good guys at Roland finally saw fit to re-release the 909 in a new compact, affordable form...welcome to the Roland TR-09.

Another instantly recognisable sound is that of the TB-303 Bass Line - where the new Roland TB-03 takes inspiration. Originally launched in the early 80s, it wasn't actually until the mid-to-late 80s where house music took the magical little box, adopted its unique 'liquid' sound and created an acid house movement! Heard in various forms of music, not just house, the TB-303 has been used by the likes of The Prodigy and producer David Holmes, FatBoy Slim even had a track called “Everybody Needs A 303"! 

Finally we have the Roland VP-03, a miniture version of one of the best-selling vocoders of all time, the Roland's VP-330 Vocoder Plus. The VP-03 utilizes Roland's ACB technology to deliver a classic take on a legendary instrument - blending synthesized sounds with the human voice to produce vocoder sounds. 

All three models are packed into the 'Boutique' compact form, giving you access to a range of classic instruments at an affordable price with some handy modern day appointments and tweaks. 

Check out the video below to see and hear all three in action:

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19th September 2016


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