Roland Cube Lite Guitar Practice Amp with music dock

Roland Cube Lite Guitar Practice Amp with music dock

Roland announce new Cube Lite amplifiers for electric guitar.

The Roland Cube series has always brought cutting edge design and versatile sound quality to electric guitar practice and performance so we can't wait to see the new Roland Cube Lite guitar practice amplifier with built in i-CUBE link connection.

In the box is a powerful 2.1 sound system and BOSS's renowned COSM amp modeling technology plus stereo Reverb and Chorus effects. There is a clever little addition to the Cube Lite amp in the form of the Roland's i-CUBE link which provides a simple to use connection betreen the amp and your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Download the free Cube Jam app for iOS which plays songs and minus one tam tracks plus lets you record yourself and the tracks too.

The Cube Lite promises to be a winning combination of style and function and is even available in three colours!


Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amp - Black

Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amp - White

Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amp - Red





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21st January 2013


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