Roland JD-Xi Synth

Roland JD-Xi Synth

The Roland JD-Xi is an analogue/digital crossover synth that features a true analog sound engine, Roland's SuperNATURAL technology and lots more!

Loaded with a host of great features all in one compact, affordable unit, the Roland JD-Xi could be just the synth you need! Bags of fun, great sounds and total hands on control!

Thanks to its dual sound engines - a pure, authentic analog synth section and two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL tones - the Roland JD-Xi is able to deliver a vast array of useable sounds. Go from warm, rich lead and bass tones on the analogue engine to lush pads, room filling strings and sound effects with the digital engine. 

Added versatility comes in the form of the included gooseneck mic, giving you access to the on board Vocoder and AutoPitch vocal effects - essential for some modern EDM vocal!

Thanks to the on board four-track pattern sequencer you can also build up complex loops with four separate tracks - 1 from the analogue sound engine, 2 from the digital sound engines and 1 from drums section (of which there are a great variety of grooves and sound to utilize).

The Roland JD-Xi is a powerful compact synth that'll be at home in both live and studio environments, covering a great range of musical genres. 

A handy carry bag is also available.

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24th January 2015


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