Roland SPD::ONE Percussion Pads

Roland SPD::ONE Percussion Pads

The Future. Redefined. All new percussion pads from Roland offer a new dynamic to any musicians set up.

Well Roland certainly know how to get us excited about their new toys! This SPD::ONE Series is new for 2017 and features 4 game changing models designed to make adding pro electro sounds and samples to your music easier and more effective than ever before. By adding one of these beauties to your gear collection you can access and adjust endless dynamic tones and textures to take your sound to that next level.

Roland have gone back to source with the core designs here with tough, road ready chassis that can be mounted on your drum hardware, tabletop or floor and have been equipped with a touch sensitive rubber pads that can be played with sticks, hands or feet. Manual control knobs have been preferred over the often complicated digital screens while the choice of 9v DC or AA battery operation makes the SPD::ONE range versatile, easy to use and practical. 

With a much less daunting stance than their bigger electro sampling pad brothers, the SPD::ONE Series looks like the perfect addition for those looking to dabble and experiment in electronic sounds without the complexity, and for bands who want to bring the studio sounds to the stage. 


Roland SPD::ONE Electro - Trigger Percussion Pad

First off we have the Electro Pad. This model harnesses 22 iconic sounds, including drum and percussion sounds from Roland’s legendary TR-808 and TD-909 drum machines. Generate fat snares, hi-hats, hand claps and more, adjust the pitch with a single knob and even throw on a splash of reverb or delay for extra ambience and depth. 

This Pad isn't a one trick pony however. Sometimes you need your own samples! If this is the case then the electro pad generously offers users a taste of the features found on the SPD::ONE WAV and allows users to import WAV audio files up to five seconds long with a simple drag and drop.

Roland SPD::ONE Kick - Trigger Percussion Pad  

Next we have the SPD:ONE Kick which is a great way to add beats and kick drum to any performance. This model features 22 on-board sounds, including genuine kick drum and percussion sounds, that are controlled via four main knobs. Within this simple layout users can choose the perfect sounds before tweaking their tuning, effects and volume levels. 

As always with Roland the build quality if second to none. Musicians can always rely on the highly intelligent, tough pad to withstand use with sticks, hands or feet.

The ideal choice for solo singer songwriters that want a four-on-the-floor beat to accompany their performances!

Roland SPD::ONE Percussion - Trigger Percussion Pad  

The Percussion SPD::ONE Trigger Pad is designed to be a studio or live weapon when it comes to introducing percussion sounds that are simple to use and sound authentic. 

Offering all percussion sounds imaginable the SPD::ONE can generate up to 22 realistic percussion sounds. These sounds include snare drums, kick drums, hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, bongos, congas, tambourines and more, all with with adjustable tuning pitch and effects.

The future is here. A pros lifelong percussion collection scaled down into a simple, reliable pad that fits in the palm of your hand! 

Roland SPD::ONE Wav - Trigger Percussion Pad  

The final member of the SPD 1 range may feature the largest price tag but it certainly wields big results! With this gadget musicians have a platform that will allow them to perform with their very own samples, backing tracks and click tracks. 

Adding your samples is easy! Pre recorded tracks can be loaded and played in seconds, simply hook it up to your Mac or computer and drag your WAV files into the drive that appears.

With a massive 4GB memory that equates to around 360 minutes of high quality audio, drummers, guitarists and DJs have the perfect way to flawlessly integrate those studio recorded sounds and tracks to a live performance scenario. 

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