Roland TD-1KPX V-Drums

Roland TD-1KPX V-Drums

So in this short blog we will give you a short overview of what the Roland TD-1KPX V-Drums are all about and what makes them so great!

The TD-1KPX Mesh Portable V-Drum Kit is one of the latest innovations from Roland and is designed for drummers that need a kit that's easy to transport, set-up and store without sacrificing quality.

The high tech 'Brain' of the TD-1KPX is at the core of its design and delivers 15 premium quality kits along with mesh heads to deliver a natural response so drummers can expect a sublime drumming experience, wherever they need to play!

So the first of many top features that put the TD-1KPX a class above the opposition is it's highly advanced Mesh head V-pads found on the snare and toms. The concept and vision behind this innovation is for Roland drummers to experience that acoustic style, great playing feel with top class triggering. It's safe to say Roland have certainly delivered! 

The 8-inch PDX-8 and 6.5-inch PDX-6 mesh-head V-Pads are design and crafted using the unique Roland dual-triggering technology in order to achieve that real feel. Playing a TD-1KPX provides that rare natural sensation courtesy of quiet rim-shots combined with accurate and even sensing between the rim and head.

The acoustic feel really is there with this kit. In addition to the clever V-pads Roland have included CY-5 Cymbal Pads with a 10-inch playing surface, swinging movement as well as separate bow and edge triggering for a true-to-life playing experience as possible. The Hi-hats share these characteristics while also offering a smooth tonal transition from open to closed and those subtle, yet vital tonal changes.


This really is an all rounder kit for players of all levels. Beginners, intermediate players and pros alike will benefit massively from the TD-1KPX on board training function and computer recording functions. Any drummer can play for fun, practise or simply to keep their skills in check.  

The TD-1KPX is almost like having your very own personal drum teacher and backing band! These handy tutorial features are there to help you develop you skills which also motivating you to get the most out of your practise time. Examples include the opportunity to play with an on board metronome for working on timing and there is also a Coach mode that is there to push the drummers speed, power and accuracy in all areas. 

Need to get ready for gigs? The TD-1KPX has a mix in jack that is perfect for playing music for play along or jamming sessions! Its easy, just plug in and press play. With the TD-1KPX you can even record yourself which is perfect your reviewing your progress! 

A key design feature of the Roland TD-1KPX is of course it portability. This is a kit that is specifically designed to be easy to set up and fold down without the need to remove pads, cymbals or tangles of wires like most standard electronic kits. 

With the dedicated drum key the kit only takes seconds to erect. All this process takes is unfolding the heads and cymbals, tweaking the stand and pad positions and clip on the acoustic kick pedal. This design is perfect for when you have finished a rehearsal or gig as the stand folds down quickly into an impressively compact size for optimum transport and home storage. 


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09th January 2017
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