Roland TD30KV and TD30K - 5 Year Warranty

Roland TD30KV and TD30K - 5 Year Warranty

Purchase a Roland TD30K or a Roland TD30KV V-Drums set in the month of June (2016) and you can get a FREE 5 year warranty.

Purchase a Roland TD30KV or Roland TD30K V-Drums Drum Kit this month (June 2016) and you'll get a FREE 5 Year Warranty (requires product registration).

The flagship Roland TD30KV V-Drums Electronic Drumkit features Roland's superNATURAL and Behaviour Modelling advancements which allow the TD30K to reach new heights in the electronic drum world. The more affordable TD30K takes inspiration from the flagship model utilizing the same TD30 brain but with scaled down hardware. 

To qualify for the FREE 5 year warranty you'll need to register your TD30KV or TD30K here.


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07th June 2016


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