Schlagwerk Cajons

Schlagwerk Cajons

Schlagwerk Cajons are now available at GigGear. These German made instruments deliver classy looks, great tone and superb value for money at all price points.

Get yourself a Schlagwerk Cajon and you'll be getting a quality, German made instrument! With a range of cajons to suit all budgets and a selection of not only great sounding but cool looking cajons, you're sure to find a model to suit your requirements!

Get going with the superbly priced entry level X-One series, step up to the hugely popular 2inOne range (that includes the best-selling Schlagwerk CP404 Cajon) or go for a super-sensitive Agile model with their unique Agile snare/string technology. With a selection of looks/finishes and models across all ranges, there really is a Cajon to suit everyones needs.

Schlagwerk are also the market leaders when it comes to clever Cajon add-ons. The CCA30 Cabasa allows for some great additions to your regular Cajon patterns, whilst the Schlagwerk Heck Stick One has got the be the greatest add-on ever (it'll fit on any Cajon), perfect for adding some hi-hat style rhythms and some cool wood clave style tones with its front-clap....just add the Schlagwerk CAP100 Cajon Pedal and you'll have the ultimate portable drumkit! 

Not just for drummers and percussionists, Cajons are great for any musician delivering instant gratification (what musician doesn't tap their fingers!) and fun - a perfect percussion tool for those acoustic gigs, small venues, busking and more!


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25th August 2015


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