Sigma Modern Series Electro Acoustics

Sigma Modern Series Electro Acoustics

Sigma have released a new line of electro acoustic guitars tailored to meet the needs of present day guitarists in a range of exotic flavours.

Sigma's Modern Series is a breath of fresh air for the acoustic market. Five models, five different choices of tonewood for the back and sides, all presented in a highly playable and attractive Grand OM electro acoustic form.

What sets these instruments apart is the balance of simplicity, functionality and standout looks. A big focus has been made on the classy, non-imposing visual aesthetic of each model, with an exotic range of tonewoods to choose from. The beauty of the natural wood grain plays a part, further enhanced by the tasteful use of abalone detailing on the bridge pins and rosette, contrasting binding and black Nickel machine heads. A 14th fret placement neck made from Mahogany and bound with maple is appointed to each guitar, enhancing attack and treble, while also maintaining comfortable playability. Sigma have opted to use solid European Alpine Spruce for the top of each guitar in the series, with a variety of interesting and uncommon tonewoods on offer for the back and sides. European Alpine Spruce presents a focused sound, rich in character and tonal colour, and combined with the selected tonewoods these guitars are extremely well balanced across the frequency spectrum, with plenty of nuances to set each guitar apart and make the Modern Series range truly stand out. 

Sigma Modern Series Electro Acoustics

Two Sunburst finish models are present in the line up, the GACE3SB+ and the GBCE3SB+, as well as three natural finish models, the GECE3+, GWCE3+ and the GZCE3+. Let's kick things off by taking a look at the Sunburst options!

The GACE3SB+ features flamed Maple back and sides, which in combination with the European Alpine Spruce creates a rich, punchy core sound with some added brightness and well balanced harmonics, which generate a consistent response across the whole frequency spectrum. This pairing with the Sunburst finish results in a fantastic looking quilted effect on the rear of the guitar, and a charming Western appearance on the face.

The GBCE3SB+ is appointed with Blackwood back and sides, a great choice here for a powerful sound packed with clarity and harmonic complexity, and the tonal contrast with the Spruce makes it ideal for chord strummers or fingerpickers alike! The Sunburst finish looks a little warmer and brighter than the GACE3SB+ model, creating an understated vintage Country style aesthetic.

The natural finish models do an excellent job of contrasting the top woods with the back and side woods, creating interesting looks that show off the best of their beautiful natural grain. The GECE3+ model boasts Macassar Ebony for the back and sides, a tonewood known for its loud presence, clarity and versatile dynamic range. A slightly scooped mid response emphasises the richness of the bass and treble, making it well suited to singer guitarists or any guitar style!

The GWCE3+ features Walnut back and sides, a popular tonewood that exhibits clear treble and a great midrange presence somewhere between Mahogany and Rosewood. A woody bass response is deep and colourful, and will only enhance with time and extended play. As an excellent balance of projection, warmth and brightness, the GWCE3+ is perfect for strumming powerful chords, yet the tonal articulation also works really well for fingerpicking.

Last in the series, the GZCE3+ is a finger picking guitarists dream with Ziricote back and sides. Ziricote is valued for its low-dampening characteristics and similarities to Rosewood with rich, deep lows and sparkly highs. Expect great note clarity and dulcet overtones, giving the guitar's sound further nuance.

Each model in the Modern Series features a Fishman Flex Plus pickup system, simple on the surface with just volume, bass and treble controls, however it's the perfect partner for accurately amplifying the unique sound of each guitar in the range, so you sound your best amplified or acoustically.

What with Sigma's continued success among all levels of acoustic guitarist, we're certain these models will prove popular. Time will tell, but with bags of charm, a visually beautiful aesthetic, an amazing sound and all the essentials the contemporary player might require, what's not to love?!

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