Squier Contemporary Series

Squier Contemporary Series

New for 2021, the updated range of Squier Contemporary Series guitars!

If you like your classic Fender designs, but want something a little more forward thinking, with bold aesthetics, and modern playability, then the Squier Contemporary Series is for you!

This latest iteration of guitars includes three Strat variants, a Telecaster and everyone's favourite alternative, a Jaguar.

Squier Contemporary Series

The Stratocaster Special and Stratocaster Special HT only vary in the colour options and whether they are loaded with a trem or with a fixed hard tail (HT) bridge. Both models feature a triple set Squier SQR Alnico pickups with a unique position configuration, with the middle pickup set further back, nearer the bridge allowing for a unique variety of switchable settings via the 5-way switch. Other appointments inlcude a roasted maple neck, a sculpted heel for easy access to the upper frets, and a modern 12" fingerboard radius. 

The other Strat model, is the HH Floyd Rose model. Loaded with a pair of pokey SQR Atomic humbuckers and the FR system, its going to appeal to the heavy player wanting wanting more firepower and tremo acrobatics.

Squier Contemporary Series

Moving on, next we have the Contemporary Telecaster RH. Powered by an SQR rail humbucker at the bridge and an SQR Atomic humbucker in the neck position (hence the RH name in the title - Rail/Humbucker) it has bags of power. Again a roasted neck features, with a modern 12" radius fingerboard and a string-through-body hardtail bridge.

Squier Contemporary Series

Finally we have the Contemporary Series Jaguar HH. Rocking a pair of SQR Atomic humbuckers, with access to coil-switching, and series/parallel swtiching, alongside your stand volume and tone controls, there is bags of tonal versatility! And, being a Jag, it has some seriously bold look too!


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