Steinberger at GigGear

Steinberger at GigGear

We are now UK Main Dealers for Steinberger Guitars. get everything from the Steinberger Spirit range to the flagship Steinberger ZT-3 Custom.


Steinberger at GigGear


We are now UK Main Dealers for Steinberger 

Nothing looks like a Steinberger and nothing performs like one either! Since the introduction of the first Steinberger instruments in 1980, the Steinberger name has become synonymous with evolution, innovation, ergonomics and performance. There are 3 ranges in the Steinberger collection, the entry level Spirit, then the Synapse and finally the flagship ZT-3 Custom. All models feature that headless design and unique features:


Spirit Series

Steinberger GT-Pro Standard Guitar

Steinberger GT-Pro Deluxe Guitar

Steinberger XT-2 Bass

Steinberger XT-2DB Bass with Drop Tuner

Steinberger XT-25 5 String Bass


Synapse Series

Steinberger SS-2F Guitar

Steinberger SS-2F Custom Guitar

Steinberger ST-2FPA Transcale Guitar

Steinberger ST-2FPA Transcale Custom Guitar

Steinberger XS-1FPA Bass

Steinberger XS-1FPA Custom Bass

Steinberger XS-15FPA 5 String Bass

Steinberger XS-15FPA Custom 5 String Bass


ZT-3 Custom

Steinberger ZT-3 Custom Guitar


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30th September 2010


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