Taylor GS Mini-e

Taylor GS Mini-e

New for 2013 and available for a limited time only, the Taylor GS Mini-e guitars. Available in 3 versions, the GS Mini-e takes the popular GS Mini, adds electrics and special body woods.

New for 2013 and available for a limited time only....the Taylor GS Mini-e.

The GS Mini has been a huge hit for Taylor Guitars and rightfully so. Appealing to guitarists for a host of different scenarios - as the obvious travel guitar, a 'sofa' guitar, compact gigging instrument and even a studio tool, the GS Mini has really created something special for could even class it as a modern day Parlour guitar.

With this new limited edition Taylor GS Mini-e things only get better. Delivering, as the original does, a scaled down Grand Symphony sized body with a highly playable 23.5" scale neck, the GS Mini-e manages to deliver a small acoustic guitar that produces the voice, tone and projection of a full sized guitar. The twist for the GS Mini-e comes in the form of added electronics, courtesy of Taylor ES-T electronics system and the option of special wood for the body construction.

There are 3 models in the range. The GS Mini-e QS hosts a solid Spruce top with quilted Sapele back and sides, the GS Mini-e RW, again hosts a solid Spruce top, this time with Rosewood back and sides and finally the GS Mini-e Mahogany, yep you guessed it, a solid Mahogany topped version this time with Sapele back and sides.

With their upgraded woods and factory installed electronics these Taylor GS Mini-e guitars take what is a wonderful guitar and make it even more desirable.


Taylor GS Mini-e QS

Taylor GS Mini-e RW

Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany


By Rob Evans

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16th September 2013


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