TC Electronic BG250

TC Electronic BG250

The TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo was launched last week at MusikMesse. It features a 250w ouput via a 15" speaker, tubedrive and utilizes the Toneprint concept...and it's only 329!

The TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo was launched last week at MusikMesse.

The TC Electronic BG250 is an ultra light bass combo delivering 250w of Class D power via way of a 15" speaker and piezo tweeter. It features an integrated tuner and hosts the unique Toneprint technology.

The BG250 delivers a staggering 250 watts of pure power via way of the cutting edge super lightweight Class D amplification. Combine this with the custom 15" speaker and custom piezo tweeter and you have an amp that really delivers in power and tone.

The preamp hosts an ultra fast 5 string bass tuner for quick no nonsense tuning, it is an always on feature that can be muted it on the amp's panel or using your footswitch.

The control section has the standard Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle and Master controls alongside a Tubedrive control which allows you to add everything from a subtle drive to all out cranked tube like tones. With this simple but effective control panel you can go from thick warm tones, to modern slap tones to all our growly rock tones.

The BG250 is the first amp in history that allows you to choose and replace the onboard effects thanks to TC's Toneprint technology. The revolutionary Toneprint concept allows to upload (via a FREE Android or iOS app) a host of growing effects (one only at a time) to the amp - be it Chorus, Flanger, Octaver and more. The Toneprints are unique to TC with some of the world’s finest players contributing.


These are available to pre-order now:

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo



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28th March 2012


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