TC Electronic BH250

TC Electronic BH250

The new TC Electronic BH250 is an ultra compact bass head delivering 250watts of power and featuring the TonePrint concept.

The TC Electronic BH250 Compact Bass Head delivers a massive 250w output, a built-in tuner, intelligently contoured tone controls and the TonePrint technology - making for a super versatile bass head, weighing in at only 4lbs!

As for controls we they may be simple but they are very effective. The Intelligently Contoured Tone Controls (3 band) allow for cut and boost at frequencies specific to the bass players needs. The input has a toggle allowing for active and passive basses to be plugged in without any unnecessary input overloading whilst the the Master output knob controls your desired output volume. Also featured is a mini toggle switch to allow to muting of the amp. The onboard tuner allows for quick, precise tuning of bass guitars be it 4, 5 or 6 stringers.

There is one other control on the head, this where the TonePrint Technology comes into play. This unique concept allows you to load signature bass effects into the amp: Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Sub’n’ Up Octaver, SpectraComp or Bass Drive. A huge host of ever expanding TC Electronic Bass Artists have created Toneprnt patches - artists include legends such as Mark King, Nathan East, Gail Ann Dorsey, Roscoe Beck. An app is available for iPhone and Android devices allowing for quick transfer of these FREE 'patches'. The Toneprints really allow for an ever growing source of inspiration and allow grooves to be taken onto different paths.

The BH250 is the perfect lightweight bass head that you can take from home to rehearsal to gig delivering the ultimate in portability - just pop it in the pocket of your gig bag!

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10th July 2012


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