TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

Get upto 20db of clean boost, improve your tone, drive your amp harder...get all this with the ultra compact TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster.

The TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster has just been announced! 

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

Taking inspiration from its bigger brother, the Spark Booster, the new Mini version manages to squeeze the essentials into an ultra compact, pedal-board friendly size.

The Spark Mini Booster delivers up to 20dB of clean level boost via way of a discrete analogue circuit, ensuring your tone isn’t messed with! It features true bypass, very cool styling and a new, unique switch in the form of the Prime-Time. The Prime-Time switch has two modes; the standard classic on/off latching mode and a momentary mode that enables the effect only whilst the switch is down.

As for its uses, well, you could use it as an always on ‘effect’ that’ll drive your amp harder delivering improved tone, grit and life OR hit it in when you need to be heard for that all important solo OR what about putting it after existing drive/distortion pedals to enhance their tones!

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09th July 2013


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