Yamaha BB Series Basses

Yamaha BB Series Basses

New for 2017, we welcome the latest iteration of the Yamaha BB Series bass guitars. Delivering a new take on the classic design, the latest BB Series will appeal to any modern day bass player.

The Yamaha BB basses have always been a range that stood out from the masses - both in style, feel and sound. Now, with this latest incarnation, Yamaha given the BB range a contemporary redesign, making way for a selection of basses that will appeal to any modern day bass player.

Within the range you have the 200, 400, 700 and Pro Series (Made in Japan), with 4 and 5 string models available in each range.

All models have been treated to a significant body overhaul with a more compact, lighterweight body that is complimented by subtle contour changes - not only aiding comfort but making for a more pleasing on the eye look. In addition, playability has been enhanced thanks to the new slimmer neck profile.

James Lomenzo testing the BB Basses

String to body transfer, sustain and resonance has also been increased with the new Milter bolting neck join and the Vintage Plus Light bridge with is 'Diagonal Body Thru Stringing'. This new bridge allows for the strings to pass over the saddle into the body at a 45 degree angle, reducing stress on the strings in addition to tonal benefits.

Whilst retaining the BB Series headstock silhouette, Yamaha improved the balance of the bass with new light weight tuners - something all bassists will appreciate.

Legendary bassist Abraham Laboriel testing the BB Basses

What about sound? Well, BB basses have long delivered a penetrating sound that has punched through any mix and the new series doesn't fail to deliver here either. Featuring YGD alnico pickups across either passive (200, 400 and Pro series) or active 3-band circuitry (700 series), the tone is always punchy and organic with room to develop your sound.

This new BB Series of basses continues the tradition of previous generations, with their superb tone, reliability and build quality, and pushed it forward with some great new appointments and design tweaks, to make for a super selection of modern day basses with a gentle nod to the past. 


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04th July 2017
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