Yamaha Reface

Yamaha Reface

The Yamaha reface range is coming to GigGear. Four, very cool, vintage inspired, ultra compact synths/keyboards delivering pro sounds and hands-on control...all at an affordable price.

After a huge build up, teaser videos and a very exciting launch at Abbey Road studios, the Yamaha reface range is now out in the open.

With four, ultra-compact (utilizing 37 high quality mini keys) synths/keyboards in the range - all inspired from vintage models - these are sure to be a hit!

The Yamaha reface CS is an 8-note polyphonic, virtual analogue synthesizer with five unique oscillator modules that allow you to create an incredible variety of sounds from analogue to digital.

For you 80s lovers (anyone remember the legendary Yamaha DX7!!!), the reface DX is your retro inspired dream - a classic FM synth taking you from classic to modern cutting edge.

The reface is not all about synths though. The reface CP delivers a range of vintage inspired electric pianos including Rhodes, Wurlizter, Clav sounds, whilst the reface YC is for lovers of classic organs - Hammond, Vox and more!

All models in the reface range feature internal speakers, dedicated outputs and can be battery or mains powered.


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27th July 2015


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