Yamaha THRII Desktop Guitar Combos

Yamaha THRII Desktop Guitar Combos

The Yamaha THRII amps take what was great about the first generation models and treats them to a well-deserved upgrade.

With the first generation of THR amps, Yamaha really hit the ground running...they are the original Desktop guitar amplifiers. With this latest incarnation, there is more functionality, access to more tones, plus wireless connectivity (on selected models).

There are 3 models in the range, the THR10II, THR10IIW, and the THR30IIW. Both of the THR10II models feature the new cosmetic version II change and access to all of the original THR amp tones, as in the THR, THRC, and THR10X (accessible via the app). The THR10IIW model differs as it also has wireless functionality, with a built-in lithium-ion battery(great for mobile use...busking etc) and an onboard wireless transmitter, that when combined with the optional Line 6 Relay G10T gives you total wireless freedom.

Yamaha THRII Desktop Guitar Combos

The larger, flagship THR30IIW model also features the same wireless appointments but also features a louder 30-watt output, instant access to all of the THR amp tones (no app necessary) and larger 9cm speakers for a fuller sound (the THR10II models features 8cm speakers).

The original THR amps really set a trend way back in 2011, and have been a huge seller since day one. This latest THR10II range improves on the previous models with more tonal options, cool new looks, and more versatility! 

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