Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kits

Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kits

We take a look at the difference between the Carlsbro CSD-150, CSD-200 and MESH CSD-500...

For the modern musician, an electronic drum set has the potential to be not only an essential part of their skill development and progression as a drummer but also a handy studio or live tool!

Our Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kit range features three core models that appeal to all types of drummers, from complete novices to world touring pros. This blog takes you through the key differences between each kit and what exactly you are getting for your hard earned cash so you can decide what kit covers your needs. 


Carlsbro CSD130

The nerve centre of any drum kit and probably the most important component is the sound module or brain. With the CSD130 Carlsbro have developed the 'Commander 150' Sound Module. Although the most basic module in the range, the 150 does pack many high quality drum sounds, basic educational modes and essential connectivity options that would suit those just starting out. 

A small digitron display is the focal point where users can select up to 250 high quality percussion voices, choose different 20 preset drum kits to suit different songs and even make 10 of their very own user defined drums kits. The CSD130 also has a single reverb setting to give a little more depth or sense of space to your beats. 

Just because the CSD130 is affordable doesn't mean the players learning process held back. 20 demo songs are built in which exist to aid the players technical development with things such as rudiments, speed and timing as this is an excellent way to get used to playing with a band. Handy additions also include a metronome for timing precision, a recording/playback function for assessing your progress and a AUX input for playing along to your own audio files. Players can even plug their headphones into the Commander 150 for silent practice that won't disturb those around them! 

The biggest pro of kit itself is that it is made up using an ultra compact frame, this means it will fit in the smallest of spaces and fold up for storage or transportation with ease. In terms of components for your feet the CSD130 has a bass pad with bass kick pedal included which mimics the feel of an authentic bass pedal. A hi-hat controller pedal has also been selected in place of the more traditional acoustic style hardware. 

The snare and toms themselves are slightly on the small side at 7.5" however it could be argued that this is good for beginners as it helps improve accuracy, plus the are made using an extremely robust rubber material which improves their life span. The equally  robust cymbals are single zone sensitive, 10" in diameter and feature a choke for a more realistic feel. 


Carlsbro CSD200

The next model up from the CSD130 is the CSD200. The Carlsbro CSD-200 comes with the superior Commander 300 sound module. This unit features a larger, clearer 128 x 64 character LCD display on which the user can select from an expanded selection of 458 high quality percussion voices, 26 preset drum kits and 15 user defined drums kits. 

A stand out upgrade with the Commander 300 is also a highly tweakable 3 band EQ, 3 ambience and 2 reverb settings. These addition lets players adjust their sound in more detail as well adding a deeper sense of space for improved overall sound perception. 

Aside from the the increased number of voicings, presets and user defined kit space, the sound modules training modes and connectivity abilities remain the same as the Commander 150 that comes with the CSD130. 

In terms of the kit components, the CSD200 sits on a larger, sturdy 4 leg frame that instantly looks and feels more akin to the size an acoustic kit. Snare and tom pads are marginally larger measuring in at 8" and the acoustic kit resemblance takes further shape with a more realistic dual zone 10" hi-hat and dua zone 12" cymbals. Another big upgrade is the bass kick pedal which uses an 8" pad and included pedal to operate and respond with that bounce just like a real kick drum pedal would.


Carlsbro CSD500

Finally we have the flagship CSD-500 Electronic Kit. This top of the range option is equipped an intelligent Commander 500 Sound Module. This Carlsbro innovation packs 458 premium quality percussion voices (same amount as the Commander 200), 29 advanced preset drum kits which is 4 more than the Commander 200 but actually offers a more modest 12 user defined drums kits. The advanced EQ found in the Commander 200 remains. 

The features are again the same as the previous modules with metronome, AUX in, Line out, Headphone out, USB connectivity, MIDI in/out, recording and playback facility, adjustable sensitivity, adjustable crosstalk and 20 demo songs all built in. 

So why is the Carlsbro CSD500 more expensive? With the CSD500 drummers have a full size, realistic feeling kit attached to a bullet proof 4 legged drum rack with hidden mounting hardware and cables for a neater look. 

The key to the CSD-500 is the fact that you get five large MESH drum heads - a popular upgrade and premium choice for electronic drummers due to their natural 'drum skin' like feel and bounce that makes it easier to apply more tricky techniques properly. For the CSD500 players get an 8" MESH Bass drum pad with kick pedal, 10" MESH Dual-zone Snare pad and 8" MESH Dual-zone Tom pads. 

For the cymbal section of the kit you get a 10" Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad,  12" Dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke, 12" Dual-zone ride cymbal pad with choke and a Hi-hat controller pedal. A no compromise electronic kit more realistic feel and quieter practice!


WE ALSO OFFER PACKAGED DEALS FOR SELECT CARLSBRO KITS - These include a Carlsbro EDA50 Drum Amplifier, drum sticks, a stool, a cable and headphones.  

14th December 2017
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I started off with the CSD130 which was very good but after 5 months I upgraded to the CSD500. What a kit!
mark palmer

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