How to Practice Drums Quietly

How to Practice Drums Quietly

Drums are loud! How do you make drums quieter?...especially when you want to practice without annoying the neighbours too much! Here are some tried and tested methods to keep the volume down and the beats flowing!

Get some quiet practice drum heads
The DB One Practice Drum Head Set by Evans allows you to play a great feeling drum head with an 80% reduction in volume!

Don’t be fooled - these are not your standard mesh heads. The weave of the bass drum and tom toms has been created to allow your bottom head to sound giving tone while the volume is reduced.

The snare drum is even more special with a snare mesh woven into the head itself to give you an authentic snare buzz and crack without the volume!

Get some practice cymbals
The Stagg Silent Practice Cymbals are a set of low volume cymbals designed especially for quiet practice sessions and lessons. They feel great to play and will give you the same response and feel of normal cymbals without most of the volume.

Evans dB one video:

29th March 2024
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