Blackstar ID Core Beam

Blackstar ID Core Beam

The Blackstar ID Core Beam has been designed for use with electric, acoustic and bass guitars. It can also stream your audio wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Are you a bit of a multi-instrumentalist? Love to stream music? Well the Blackstar ID Core Beam could be the amp you need!

The ID Core Beam is a compact, twin speaker (2x3") 'Super Wide Stereo' combo that has been designed to be used with electric, acoustic and bass guitars! There are 6 dedicated electric guitar voices, from Clean to heavy Overdrive,  2 acoustic guitar voices, 2 acoustic simulator voices and 2 bass voices. With 12 digital FX per voice and the ability to store up to 12 patches it sure delivers a lot of value!

For the first time ever in a Blackstar amp you also get Bluetooth functionality. This allows you to stream your music straight to the amplifier. 

With its huge array of tones, multi-instrument channels and Bluetooth connectivity the Blackstar ID:Core Beam is a super versatile amp!



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24th January 2015


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