Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic Amps

Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic Amps

Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic Amps is a new range of gig-ready, feature-laden acoustic combos.

The Sonnet amps have designed to amplify the natural response of your acoustic instrument, capturing every nuance of its tone and your playing...and they just so happen to be endorsed by the legendary Jon Gomm!

There are 2 models in the range, the Sonnet 60, a 60-watt combo, and the Sonnet 120, a 120-watt combo, with both available in either Black or Blonde.

Both amps are 2-channel affairs, complete with a handy selection of appointments enabling you to get the perfect sound for both your acoustic guitar and mic for those all important performances.

Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic Amps

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16th January 2020
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