Blackstar St James Amps

Blackstar St James Amps

The Backstar St James is a new range of tube amps that are the lightest 50W valve amps in the world, with a no compromise attitude to tone and performance!

Within the series there are two core models; a classic EL34 design and a higher gain 6L6 option, with a combo, and head with a matching 2x12" cab offered in each.

With their 2-channel set-up, these amps are simple to use, highly versatile and deliver some of the best valve clean and overdive tones we have ever heard!

Blackstar St James Amps

The EL34 models are powered by 2 x ECC83, 2 x EL34 valves and have a vintage style Fawn finish with a black basket weave grill. Its clean channel is inspired by classic American amps of the mid ’60s. Very clean and bright, but with a solid low-end and controlled mids. Valve power stage is tight and relatively clean across the frequency range. Channel 2 deliver the much loved British Class A amplifier of the early 60s with a low to medium gain with plenty of warmth, and is great as a "pedal platform". The valve power stage is set as ‘open-loop’, which has a looser feel with a resonant bottom end and lively highs.

Blackstar St James Amps

The black finished 6L6 models come loaded with a 2 x ECC83 and 2 x 6L6 valve set-up. Channel is the same as the El34 model whilst hit into Channel 2 and you'll be treated to a ‘modern’ preamp gain structure combining Blackstar’s award-winning valve overdrive circuits and a traditional ‘British style passive tone stack’ (EQ). The valve power amp is set to be tight and percussive, great for heavier styles.

Not only do these amps looks the part and sound great but they are also seriously light! The head weighs just 6.7kg (14.7lbs) and the 1x12 combo only 12.8kg (28.2lbs)...perfect for gigging!

The amps also feature a built-in reactive load, Cab Rig simulator technology, low latency USB audio connectivity, an XLR D.I. and an effects loop.


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