BOSS Katana AIR Wireless Guitar Amp

BOSS Katana AIR Wireless Guitar Amp

Portable size, low latency wireless connectivity and great Katana sound. A world first from BOSS!

Introducing the latest BOSS innovation and member of the popular Katana range. The BOSS Katana Air Wireless Guitar Combo Amplifier...the worlds first wireless guitar amplifier! 

This amp is all about achieving great sound from a compact, easily transportable unit but with totally hassle free operation. With the Katana AIR their are no cables needed and nothing to tidy up. Simply pick up your guitar to wake it and rock out!

The clever transmitter plug into your guitars jack socket offering high quality, low-latency sound. The transmitter itself can be charged in the included docking port built into the amp itself  but will operate for an impressive 12 hours of playing time. 

Taking direct tonal inspiration from it's larger Katana siblings, the AIR serves up 5 amp characters that range from cleans to high gain goodness, an acoustic mode, up to 50 of BOSS's most popular FX built for the Katana and even 6 saveable user memory preset slots so players can save their favourite settings.

Getting down to the core tech specs, the Katana AIR boasts a stereo pair of 7.5" loudspeakers and produces an impressive 30 watts of power on mains power (20 watts on battery power).

Players looking to record tracks and ideas at home will love the stereo headphones/recording and handy guitar cabinet simulation too, a great option for getting ideas down in the moment in a flash. This modern marvel is even Bluetooth equipped and ready to stream tunes or act as a platform to jam along to your favourite records.

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11th January 2018


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