BOSS RC-10R Loop Station and SY-1 Synthesizer

BOSS RC-10R Loop Station and SY-1 Synthesizer

BOSS has just launched a couple of exciting new pedals in the form of the RC-10R Loop Station and the SY-1 Synthesizer pedal.

The RC-10R is a next-generation looper that joins the best-selling Loop Station series. It's a dual function affair that combines traditional loop-based workflow with the addition of high-quality rhythms. The loop and rhythm engines work in conjunction with each other allowing for song based structures to be created on the fly, something that performers, songwriters and those that just want to jam will really appreciate.


The SY-1 Synthesizer pedal is a welcome addition to the BOSS range. Designed for guitarists and bassists, the SY-1 puts a massive, 121 analogue style synth sounds into one compact, pedal board friendly size. The 11 categories (with 11 variations in each) will transform your guitar or bass into massive leads, fat basses, layered organs, pads and strings and more, all with a latency-free performance. The control set that allows for basic editing of each sound and the ability to blend your instruments natural tone with the synth you can go subtle or extreme!

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15th July 2019
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