BOSS Waza Air Headphones

BOSS Waza Air Headphones

The BOSS Waza Air guitar amp headphones are a revolutionary product designed to deliver never before heard amp sounds, straight from your guitar to your ears...all without wires!

BOSS Waza Air Headphones

Fusing stage-ready Katana amp sounds with BOSS's new spatial technology, the Waza Air headphones really are a next-gen product that any guitarist will appreciate. Simply connect the included QL-T wireless transmitter to your guitar, setup the free BOSS Tone Studio app on your smartphone and pop on the headphones...and you are ready to go.

With amp sounds that go from warm cleans to high-gain and over 50 effects (selectable and editable via the app), there is plenty of tones to be experimented with, plus you have the ability to store and recall your favourite 6 settings. With their "amp in room" sound, you'll get added resonance, natural dimensions and that "moving air", making for a sublime aural experience.

BOSS Waza Air Headphones

It doesn't end there! BOSS have included 3 advanced ambiences: Surround, Static and Stage, for more fun, versatility and player interaction. Each giving the player a different playing experience, with the Static mode cleverly utilizing the inbuilt gyro sensor that detects where you move your head thus affecting the position and tone of the amp.

The Waza Airs really are a step forward in what can be heard and done with a set of headphones. A great accessory for any guitarist! 

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05th December 2019


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