BOSS Wireless Systems

BOSS Wireless Systems

BOSS have launched their WL Series wireless systems designed for guitar, bass and more!

For many people going wireless seems like a daunting option, worries of loss of tone, confusing setups and unreliabiliity are just a few of the, with the BOSS WL Series, you can put that all to rest!

The BOSS WL Series has been designed to deliver simple plug in and play setup, premium sound and superb reliability. There are 3 models in the range, the WL-20 designed for passive guitars and basses, the WL-20L which is designed for electro acoustic guitars and active instruments (like basses) and the pedal board ready WL-50.

Both WL-20 systems are as simple to use as a regular guitar cable, simply dock the transmitter and receiver together for about 10 seconds to automatically set the optimum connection, then plug the small transmitter into your instrument and the matching receiver into your amp of's that easy! You'll get up to 10 hours of wireless time, with charging as simple as docking the units together and charging via USB!

The WL-50 allows the receiver to be docked in a pedal board friendly (thing BOSS compact pedal size) housing and works exactly like the WL-20 models for setup. In addition it features handy DC output, allowing you to distribute power to multiple pedals on your board and selectale tone cable simulation options.

With a wireless setup you have the luxury of being able to move about freely when playing at home, rehearsing and when performing on stage. This makes it great during sound checks, allowing you to listen to your sound our front, ensuring your tone is as you want for your audience!

With the BOSS WL Series there really has never been a better time to go wireless!

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15th June 2018


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