Elixir Optiweb Guitar Strings

Elixir Optiweb Guitar Strings

Utilising advancements in string coating technology, the Elixir Optiweb electric guitar strings are able to deliver guitarists just what they want in a coated string!

Get the best of both worlds with the Elixir Optiweb electric guitar strings!

The Optiweb strings have been especially designed to deliver the feel, tone and performance of regular strings whilst delivering vastly improved string life thanks to the Optiweb coating.

The special coating protects the strings against corrosion and debris build up, allowing for an extended life that is superior to any other brand...both coated and uncoated. In addition, the plain single strings are treated to anti-rust plating ensuring that the whole set really lasts.

Elixir Optiweb - spend more time making music and less time changing strings!

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16th February 2017
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