Fender American Original

Fender American Original

The Fender American Original Series is an all new range that features classic Fender guitar and bass designs that aim to capture the original specifications from each decade of Fender design.

New for 2018...welcome the Fender American Original Series! Superseding the American Vintage Series, this new series delivers decade specific models (as opposed to year specific like the American Vintage) across Fender's legendary core instruments - the Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, P and Jazz bass.

The concept behind this fresh range from the Californian guitar giants is to offer the modern guitarist and bassist the chance to own an instrument with a truly authentic spec. The American Originals captures that iconic look, sound and feel from each decade of Fender design but with the added benefit of a modern 9.5" fingerboard radius and switching options. 

American Original 50's 

50s Tele

The solid body electric guitar that started it all. The Fender American Original 50s Telecaster replicates that original recipe dreamt up by Leo Fender himself. This guitar features a lightweight Ash body, a 1952 'U' shape Maple neck, a Maple fingerboard, a Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Butterscotch Blonde finish and period correct Pure Vintage ’52 single-coil Telecaster pickups. 

50s Strat

First introduced in 1954, this legendary double cutaway would go on to change the music scene forever. This American Original 50s Strat is a tip of the hat to those first Stratocasters with a soft 'V' shape neck, a Maple fingerboard, Pure Vintage ‘59 Single-Coil Strat pickups and comes with an Ash or Alder body. This 1950's model comes in a choice of White Blonde (ASH), 2-Colour Sunburst and Aztec Gold Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer finishes.

50s P Bass

This American Original 50s P Bass pays tribute to the groundbreaking Precision bass of the 1950's. Therefore this one had to built using the same thick 'C' Maple neck, Maple fingerboard, Pure Vintage Reverse Open-gear tuners and include a period correct Pure Vintage ‘58 Split Single-Coil Precision Bass pickup. Available in both a White Blonde with an Ash body and 2-Colour Sunburst with an Alder body, both with a Gold Anodized Aluminum pickguard. 


American Original 60's 

60s Tele

Based on the Tele Custom model available in 1960 this American Original 60s Tele is constructed using a double bound Alder body, a 3-ply pickguard, a Maple 60's 'C' neck profile, a Rosewood fingerboard and a set of Pure Vintage ‘64 Gray-Bottom Single-Coil Tele pickups. 

60s Strat 

The American Original 60s Strat is a genuine icon of an era. In true 60's spirit, this one adopts that contoured double cutaway Alder body and is loaded with a 3-ply eggshell pickguard, a Thick 'C' Maple neck profile, a Rosewood fingerboard and three Pure Vintage ‘65 Gray-Bottom Single-Coil Strat pickups. Being a 60's era Stratocaster you get a choice of Olympic White, Candy Apple Red and 3-Colour Sunburst finished in gloss nitrocellulose laquer. 

60s Jaguar

The rock 'n' roll, surf king returns in full 60's form. Capturing the vibe of the first Jags released in 1962, this American Original 60s Jaguar features an accurate spec made up of a 24.5" short scale Maple neck, a Rosewood fingerboard, Vintage-Style Floating Tremolo bridge, unique lead/rhythm circuit, 2 slide switches and a set Pure Vintage ‘62 Single-Coil Jaguar pickups. Available in arguably the three most popular colours - 3-Colour Sunburst, Surf Green and Candy Apple Red. 

60s Jazzmaster

For offset fans the 1960s Jazzmaster is the holy grail. This American Original 60s Jazzmaster adopts that offset contoured Alder body, a mid 60's 'C' shape Maple neck, a 4-ply brown shell pickguard, a Vintage-Style Floating Tremolo bridge, a Round-Laminated Rosewood fingerboard and a set of wax potted Pure Vintage ‘65 Single-Coil Jazzmaster pickups. Available in Nitrocellulose 3-Colour Sunburst, Ocean Turquoise and Olympic White. 

60s P Bass

The legendary P bass fully realised. This American Original 60s P Bass has been updated to 60's specification with a 4-Ply Brown Shell pickguard, a '1963 C' shape neck, a Rosewood fingerboard with Vintage Clay Dot inlays and has been fitted with the period correct Pure Vintage ‘63 Split Single-Coil pickups. Available in 3-Colour Sunburst, Olympic White and Lake Placid Blue. 

60s Jazz Bass

Arriving on the scene in 1960 the Jazz bass was a Fender bass guitar with premium appointments and a versatile design. That very design specification has been accurately captured with this American Original 60s Jazz Bass. The fast playing narrow 60's 'C' profile Maple neck, Round-Laminated Rosewood fingerboard, the contoured ergonomic Alder body and dual Pure Vintage ‘64 Single-Coil pickups and unmistakably J bass. Available in Olympic White, Candy Apple Red and 3-Colour Sunburst. 


American Original 70's 

70s Jazz Bass 

Updated to 70's specification, this American Original 70s Jazz Bass adopts the alternative 1975 'U' shape neck profile, a bound Maple fingerboard with pearloid block inlays, a lightweight Ash body, Pure Vintage ‘70s Fender Logo machine heads and two Pure Vintage ‘75 Single-Coil J Bass pickups. This is finished in Gloss Urethane and is available in Black, Natural and 3-Colour Sunburst. 

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