Fender Distortion, Fuzz and Boost Effects Pedals

Fender Distortion, Fuzz and Boost Effects Pedals

Fender has expanded their line of guitar effects pedal with the addition of the Blue Moon Distortion, Pelt Fuzz and the Engager Boost Pedal

Fender have expanded their line of guitar effects with new Distortion, Fuzz and Boost pedals.

Earlier on in 2018, Fender released 6 pedals into the heavily populated guitar pedal market. Designed by Fender's in house team, these selection of effects featured classy, yet rugged exteriors, LED lit knobs and and most importantly great sound. Fender have now entered into "phase two" and added 3 new models, the Full Moon Distortion, the Pelt Fuzz and the Enagager Boost.

The Full Moon Distortion is a super versatile pedal, giving you access to a wide range of distortion tones thanks to its clever tone shaping features. The regular Level and Gain controls do as stated, whilst the 3-band EQ with the addition of the Hi-Treble control lets you sculpt your tone with great detail. The Texture switch adjusts cliiping modes, with the Bite switch adding upder mids and harmonics. A handy Boost switch, with it owns dedicated control allows you to kick in 12db of post gain boost, great for solo time!

Love fuzz pedals?...then you will want to try the The Pelt. The Pelt gives you access to a variety of fuzz voicings via its selection of carefully thought out controls. There are 4 controls, Level, Fuzz, Tone and Bloom, the first 3 are self explanatory whilst the Bloom knob lets you shape the contours of the sound. Two mini switches also allow for more tonal versatility, the Mid switch lets you cut or boost the midrange and the Thick switch adds girth!

Finally we have the Engager Boost pedal. TheEngager Boost can be used as a straight boost to have a volume increase for your standout solo, be used to fatten your tone or be utilized it to drive the front end of your amp harder. The pedal features control for Level, Bass, Treble and Middle plus a handy switchable Frequency switch.

All pedals, as like there other family members features  a chassis crafted from lightweight yet durable anodized aluminium, an Amp Jewel LED and handy LED backlit knobs, allowing you to see your settings on dark stages. There is also the "patent applied for" magnetically latched battery door, allowing for easy battery screwdrivers required here to change your battery!


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07th September 2018
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