Fender FSR Made In Japan Guitars

Fender FSR Made In Japan Guitars

We have a few limited run Fender FSR Japanese guitars due to arrive soon - including the classic Pink Paisley Tele, Blue Flower Strat and a couple of other gems! Pre-order now so that you don't miss out!

Japanese made Fender guitars are always held in high esteem and never hand around long when we have don't miss out on these!...

Due to arrive in March/April 2017 we have 4 limited run FSR made in Japan guitars that'll get the GAS juices flowing!

First up we have the iconic Classic 69 Pink Paisley Tele, suitably matched with its sister model, the Classic 69 Blue Flower Tele.

For the Strat lovers we have an Aerodyne Strat finished on Vintage White and finally for the players who like something a little alternative, we have a Jaguar Special loaded with a pair Dragster C humbucking pickups!

There is limited stock arriving so make sure you pre-order now!

Below you'll also see a a selection of other Japanese models we currently have in stock.


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15th February 2017
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