Fender Mustang GT Amps

Fender Mustang GT Amps

The Fender Mustang GT amps are the latest incarnation of the hugely popular Mustang amp range.

The Fender Mustang GT amps, new for 2017, supersede the massively popular original Mustang amp range. With a complete re-design both in looks, sound and features, Fender have done it once again!

There are 3 new models in the range - the Fender Mustang GT40 (2x6.5" speakers, 40w combo), Mustang GT100 (1x12" speaker, 100 combo) and Mustang GT200 (2x12" speakers, 200w combo). The original Mustang I v.2 is also being maintained.

All 3 of the new amps come loaded 21 stunning amp models that'll take you from the legendary '59 Bassman all the way up to some seriously raucous Metal tones, with everything tonally a guitarist could wish for inbetween. The amp models designed to react like a valve amp, so you can roll off the volume and clean up the gain or go full on and dig in to get access more valve grunt and growl!

On top of that, the Mustang GT amps come packed with 47 effects including an array of reverbs, delays and modulations, plus, Fender also have giving you access to control the signal path, so you are free to experiment with the order of the pedals.

Controlling and editing the amp is a real pleasure thanks to the intuitive design and full colour LCD display.

All 3 amps feature WiFi connectivity, making it easy to update the latest updates and artist presets. In addition, with the onboard Bluetooth technology you can stream audio to the amps from your Bluetooth enabled device - great for general listening or for jamming along to your favourite tracks.

Added control and versatility comes courtesy of the free Fender Tone app. Download the app to your smartphone, connect to a GT amp and you'll have one-finger control of the amp, plus the ability to upgrade the amps capabilities.

The Fender Mustang GT amps have taken everything that was great about the original Mustang incarnations and improved on them across all areas, making them a great amp for home, rehearsal, studio or stage.  

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02nd May 2017
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