Fender's new line of Effects Pedals

Fender's new line of Effects Pedals

Fender have released a range of 6 new guitar effects pedals for 2018. With classy anodized aluminium outers, LED lit knobs and of course, great sound...we're sure they'll be filling the pedal boards of effects enthusiasts!

It has to be said, Fender are not huge player in the guitar effects market, but we think that may change somewhat with the release of a range of 6 new pedals for 2018. Designed in Southern California, this new line of effects have been produced to allow everyone, from pro level players to weekend warriors, the chance to get access to a selection of key guitar effects and processors backed by the biggest guitar brand in the world! 

There are two drive pedals in the form of the Santa Ana Overdrive and the Pugilist Distortion. The Santa Ana utilizes FET technology to deliver a valve like performance, with excellent amounts of dynamic qualities. Tonally you'll get treated to everything from subtle crunch to thick, saturated tones, all with organic goodness. The Pugilist on the other hand is designed to hit harder, featuring dual gain engines with independent controls, you have access to multiple variations of distortion, tweakable via a Series/Blend switch and Bass Boost switch. 

Fender Santa Ana Overdrive Pedal Video

A reverb pedal is also present, with the rather wonderfully named Marine Layer. The Marine Layer pedal gives players access to multiple types of classic Fender reverbs, like Hall and Room along with modern types like Shimmer. Easy to use, with a versatile selection of reverbs, it's a superb addition to any players effects board.

Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal Video

The Mirror Image pedal is the delay offering within the range. Offering Digitial, Tape and Analogue modes with two voice variations you can take your delay tone with subtle, warm slapback sounds to huge epic soundscapes...and of course everything in between. The normal Depth, Rate and Feedback controls features alongside and additional switch for dotted eight notes.

Fender Mirror Image Delay Pedal Video

The Level Set Buffer pedal may not be the most exciting in the range, but could well be an essential on you pedal board. It covers two potential problems, one if you suffer from signal degradation from long cable lengths and two, allows players who use to two distinctly different guitars (say a Les Paul and a Strat) to play more nicely with each other.

Completing the series we have the Bends Compressor pedal. Designed to be a "transparent" compressor, as opposed to a compressor that is designed to colour your sound, the Bends Compressor will tame wild spikes and give you more sustain without, and very importantly, altering your tone.

Each pedal in the range features an eye catching, yet classy durable anodized aluminum exterior (with a unique colour for each model) and cool LED back lit knobs, which make them great for those dark stages!

With their fundamental design principles, great looks, excellent selection of options, and affordable price points, we expect this line of Fender effects to be filling players pedal boards across stages, rehearsal rooms and bedroom floors the world over! 

28/09/18 UPDATE
Fender have now added 3 more models to the range. The Engager Boost, the Full Moon Distortion and the Pelt Fuzz. 

The Engager Boost can be used in whatever way your see fit, great as a straight volume boost mid song to allow your solo to be heard, or use as a clean boost to drive your valve amps front end or just use it to sculpt your tone.  The Full Moon Distortion is a super versatile pedal with tone shaping options and a design that gives you access to distortion tones the way you want them. Finally we have the Pelt, a flexible fuzz pedal that like the Full Moon, features some handy tone shaping appointments, allowing for a versatile array of sounds.

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