J Rockett Pedals

J Rockett Pedals

We are now stocking J Rockett Pedals! These American made boutique guitar effects pedals have gained a superb reputation over recent years earning numerous accolades.

Formed by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett in 2006, J. Rockett Audio Designs (or J Rockett...or even JRAD for short) have come along way in the last decade. The range of J Rockett pedals have gained a superb reputation (just check the reviews and awards) over recent years making them a go to range for guitarists desiring complete tonal satisfaction.

Within their ranks are a superb collection of pedals that have been carefully designed to 'emulate' some of the most desired products that guitarists pine for, yet for obvious reasons can't afford due to the highly inflated prices (Klon Centaur and Dumble ring any bells!).

We'll start with the J Rockett Archer and the J Rockett Archer Ikon. Both pedals take 'inspiration' from the now legendary 90s Klon Centaur overdrive pedal (for those not in the know, have a little google on the Klon Centaur) and can be used as either a clean boost or a straight overdrive pedal. The aim of these pedals is to deliver some of that magical and highly sort after Klon tone...and they have certainly managed it.

J Rockett Archer Ikon video:

Next up is The Dude - a pedal especially designed to capture some of that Dumble amp tone (an amp used by the likes of John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton). There can't be many of us that can afford a Dumble...let alone find one, so getting a chunk of that tone in a compact pedal is a true god send.

J Rockett The Dude video:

For the Marshall lovers we have the 45 Caliber - a pedal designed to get you some of that legendary JTM45 tone as used by a certain Malcolm Allen (AC/DC) and Mr. Pete Townsend of The Who fame. Pop this pedal in front of you favourite amp and you'll be treated to not only the sound of '62 JTM45 but also the feel!

J Rockett 45 Caliber video:

Do we have any Steve Ray Vaughan fans?...silly question! The legend that is SRV is a true inspiration to a raft of guitar players across the world and tonal inspiration to many. The J Rocket Lenny can't deliver you Stevie's technique but it can certainly give you access to some classic SRV tone...with just two knobs...Boost and Tone! The Lenny is very musical boost that is designed to colour your sound and get you some of that highly sort after Dumble Steel String Singer tone.

J Rockett Lenny video:

What guitarist doesn't need a touch of reverb?...not many Reverb is a complex effect but for most players its turn and leave for the gig type effect...and that is exactly what the J Rocket Boing can do for you! The Boing is a simple one knob affair designed to deliver the classic 'Deluxe Reverb' we all know and love.

J Rockett Boing video:

All J Rockett pedals are handmade in American, with a build quality that certainly matches the quality of the sound! If you need a tonal 'fix' or fancy a taste of some classic sounds without having to remortage your house, you need to give the J Rockett pedals a spin!


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