Music Lessons at GigGear

Music Lessons at GigGear

Do you want to learn to play an instrument? Want to improve your playing skills? Be it Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drums Lessons, Piano Lessons or Brass and Woodwind Lessons our team of Tutors can help.

At GigGear we have a team of dedicated onsite tutors so whether you're at the beginning of your musical journey, need to brush up on a few techniques or a pro requiring some extra guidance or teachers can help.

Lessons are £13.50 per half hour and on a one to one basis, so you learn what YOU want at YOUR pressure to playing the Mixolydian Scale at 180 beat per minute...unless you want to that is!

Our teaching studios are based at our Harlow Store in Essex, with dedicated rooms for Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, Piano Lessons, Saxophones Lessons and more.


Current Music Teachers on Site:

Guitar Teacher

Bass Teacher

Drum Teacher

Piano Teacher

Saxophone Teacher

Clarinet Teacher

Banjo Teacher


For more information please CLICK HERE or feel free to call a member of our staff on 01279 432900





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