Roland FP-X Series Digital Pianos

Roland FP-X Series Digital Pianos

Roland have updated their hugely popular range of portable digital pianos....2021 welcomes the Roland FP-X series.

The new models; FP-30X, FP-60X and FP-90X, join the entry level FP-10, to deliver and collection of digital pianos to suit a range of players, budgets and playing situations.

The FP-30X is the midrange sweet spot, featuring the PHA-4 Standard keyboard (88 full size weighted keys), a good selection of onboard sounds (12 piano tones, alongside 20 electric piano tones and 24 others), amd  22-watt stereo speaker system for room-filling sound, delivered via 2 x 12cm speakers.

Roland FP-X Series Digital Pianos

The FP-60X mirrors the FP-30X with its PHA-4 Standard keyboard. It increase the sound set with 16 piano tones, alongside 18 electric piano tones, 18 organ tones, 27 string/pad tones, plus 279 others, whilst the on board Piano Designer function offers deep personalization of piano tone. The sound gets an upgrade with punchy 26-watt speaker system.

Roland FP-X Series Digital Pianos

The FP-90X is the flaship model. Featuring the endlessly playable PHA-50 hybrid keybed, PureAcoustic Piano Modeling, and a room-filling four speaker system - its a class-leading, portable piano with a premium feel that matches its stunning sound.

Roland FP-X Series Digital Pianos

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19th January 2021
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