Electro Harmonix Pedals

Electro Harmonix Pedals

EHX pedals are now back in stock at GigGear. From the Big Muff to the POG to the award winning Soul Food...all that NYC pedal goodness is now available for your pedalboard pleasure!

Electro Harmonix pedals are truly iconic, with a history that dates back to the late 1960s. EHX pedals deliver a wide range of options, with everything from classic tones to ground breaking sounds, all available within their family of stomp boxes. As used by pros (Dave Gilmour, Carlos Santana, Kurt name a few) and amateurs alike, there is sure to be an EHX pedal to give you some G.A.S.

There aren't many pedal enthusiasts that haven't used, or heard of, such classic models as the Big Muff, POG, Memory Boy or Holy Grail...and what about all the new models - the award winning Soul Food, the 'key' emulating C9, B9, Key9 and Mel9 models, and the excellent pitch shifting Pitch Fork, to name but a few.

So whether you want some classic drive tones (including that legendary 'Muff' fuzz), modulation sounds, analog delays or just something way-out there, you can be sure EHX pedals will have something to fill your needs!

Below is a selection of videos across some of their products:

EHX Soul Food Video:

 EHX Nano Big Muff Video: 

 EHX Key9 Video:

28th April 2016
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